New Zealand

  New Zealand, Oceania

New Zealand is

island country in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere, between the South Pacific islands in Oceania, about 1,500 km southeast of Australia. It consists mainly of two large (North Island and South Island) and many smaller islands.


The name New Zealand comes from the Dutch name Zeeland. Zeeland is a region in the Netherlands and means maritime country/region. Maori New Zealand is called Aotearoa. It means Land of the Long White Clouds. Ao means cloud, dawn, day or earth, tea means white, clear or bright, and roa means long.


Polynesian Maoris first settled in New Zealand 1000 years ago. The Maoris are a well-organized tribe, ruled by blood-related chiefs and powerful priests.

The first European to set foot on the island was Dutchman Abel Tasman in 1642. However, until Captain James Cook’s voyages in 1769 and 1779, the islands were not subject to any administration and were not discovered. British immigrants began to settle on the island when British domination was established in 1840. Wellington was established after this date. New Zealand was given its own government in 1852, and in the next century the country made rapid progress in investment, communications and agricultural production.

The name New Zealand was given by Dutch cartographers to the island of Zealand in the Netherlands, and it is called Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, in the native language of the Maoris, who are the natives of the country. It was named New Zealand by the British explorer James Cook, who visited the country 4 times between 1769 and 1779. The British Crown signed the Waitangi agreement with the Maori chiefs in 1840 and declared New Zealand as a colony of the Empire.

Management and Policy

New Zealand is governed by a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. II. Elizabeth is the Queen of New Zealand and therefore the head of state. The Prime Minister is Jacinda Ardern.


The fact that New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere or south of the equator means that the seasons are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. The hottest months of summer are January and February, and the coldest months are June and July.

It generally has a temperate climate, and the northern parts of the country are under the influence of subtropical climate. In winter, the interior of the South Island goes down to -10 degrees, while the ocean coast has a milder and wetter climate. Summers are between 20-33 degrees and are quite sunny.


According to the December 2019 census, 4,951,500 people live in New Zealand. Although the North Island is smaller than the South Island, more people live on this island. The majority of the country’s population is of European origin, and New Zealand’s indigenous people, the Maori, make up 14.9% of the population.

New Zealand people refer to themselves as the Kiwi, a flightless national bird that lives in New Zealand.


Christianity is the dominant religion in the country, but the vast majority of the people prefer a secular life. According to the 2006 census, 55.6% of the population defines themselves as Christian. The other 34.7% do not consider themselves to be members of any religion. According to the census data, other minority religions are Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.


New Zealand, whose capital is Wellington, is a country known for its snow-capped mountain landscapes. The largest and most cosmopolitan city is Auckland. In cinema, the Lord of the Rings film trilogy earned $ 200 million in additional revenue, and this film trilogy, which is affiliated with the companies of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, which is the owner of this trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, and the contribution of Winut Films Productions, has been produced in more than one. is an award winner. Filmed in Germany, USA and New Zealand.


New Zealand, along with Denmark, ranked first in the Transparency International 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index with a score of 91 out of 100 (0 points = high corruption, 100 points = clean). According to the results of The Legatum Institute 2016 World Prosperity Survey, New Zealand ranked first as the country with the highest welfare level in the world.